Friday, 25 May 2007

21st Century Socialism

So glad to be part of this initiative. This is where we consolidate the work started with the J4L campaign and begin to present a case to those in the left of the party - be they hard, centre, soft, PLP or CLP.

Our next campaign begins now!


Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

Anyone have any comments about John's manifesto?

What areas in particular ought we to concentrate and campaign on during the coming months?

Mike Baldock said...

Well first we need to get out to people and let them know we're still here and are making the Labour party relevant to their concerns again.
The main issues we have to campaign on include, imho, affordable housing and working conditions - as both of these have seen severe restrictions under NuLab

Mike Baldock said...

also meant to add - the environment.
The environment is a massive issue, and one that effects class too, as it is always the poorer sections of society that tend to live in the most polluted areas yet cannot afford adequate healthcare or to move out

Also we need to show that Red and Green do not always mix to form Brown!