Monday, 28 May 2007

Do Not Feed Trolls

If there is one thing guaranteed to slow down progress on the re-development of the Labour Left, it's taking time out to entertain right-wingers in the party who will take every opportuinty to ridicule, oppose and generally annoy and undermine us.
The blogosphere is a prime are for such activity, and certain names spring instantly to mind.

Can I suggest that we utterly ignore them, unless they actually have a decent point to make, which is very very rare.
It isn't to concede defeat, or to be undemocratic to ignore these people - most of the time they will be posting simply to goad us into responding so that they can then respond to our responses with more insulting / inane / irrelevant / utterly missing our point (on purpose?) rubbish Which they just know we'll respond to again, thus perpetuating the idiocy and making us look like knobs as much as they do. They don't care about looking like knobs - it's just a bit of Leftie baiting and they'll have a good laugh at our expense. But we DO end up lookng stupid by being drawn into stupid arguments about toss all.

And notice - if they're losing an arguement or can't perpetuate it easily, they don't concede or anything. They simply stop posting on that thread and start again on another topic on another thread...

If we all simply refuse to reply to them at all, they won't have the exscuse to keep their threads going - unless they talk to themselves! I've seen it work on other boards, so let's just try and ignore their crap wherevever they spout it?


Anonymous said...

Very sensible, Mike!



el Tom said...

I don't see how open debate makes anyone look silly. The more of it the better, I'd say.

Everyone in the Labour movement is worth listening to, especially if you disagree.

If you're proud to be left, be proud of it, and make your arguments with confidence. After all, there is nothing to be gained by not making them at all.

Anonymous said...

"Can I suggest that we utterly ignore them, unless they actually have a decent point to make..."

You may have overlooked this part of the post, Tom!

Mike Baldock said...

Yes, thanks Mikael :-)

Tom - sure open debate is good, but there are some bloggers who's whole reason for posting seems to be simply to wind up lefties - I think we know who I'm talking about here!
These people really aren't interested in debating with us, and would say we need more houses if we protest about housing numbers, but will say there are too many if we say we want more!

John Gray said...

Hi Mike
I am sure that you are not referring to me in your posts. However, I must admit to being a little surprised that you don’t want to have, lets say, “provocative” views expressed on the “Labour Left” blog. Personally, I am always willing to listen or read the views of people who I don’t agree with politically.

Interestedly, you appear to think that you can attack your opponents for being be "rude", but you don’t think that this prevents you being personally abusive?

I don’t feel threatened by such views, no matter how they are presented. However, if you restrict the blog to only those who would agree with you then it’s going to be pretty pointless? So far you have had comments such as “Very sensible, Mike!” “Great post!” “Well said”. “A very good post indeed”. Big deal?

Mike Baldock said...

Do Not Feed
Do Not Feed
Do Not Feed...

John Gray said...

That’s ok; I’m a bit overweight from my feeding frenzy of the last few days. Just back from the “Euston Manifesto” conference. Really interesting. Will post something hopefully tomorrow.

John Gray said...

Hi Mike
I'm feeling hungry - can I post my reports on your blog - you did post a comment on mine asking for my stuff on the Euston Manifesto conference? After all I am on the "left". I would support a fundamental and irreversible shift in the balance of power and wealth in favour of working people and their families (eventually).