Friday, 25 May 2007

Some publishing guidelines

The aim of this blog is to function as a forum. In order for this function, some "publishing guidelines" apply. I will - hopefully during the weekend - create some internal links, where readers of this blog will be able to find the different subjects up for discussion. The internal links will make sure that no post "expires" and allow members to find what they are looking for quickly/easily (i.e. without having to go through "archives").

So, here are the general "publishing guidelines":

  • Please "tag" your posts with the following labels as appropriate - "Trade Unions", "Common Ownership", "J4L" (for lessons of, and reflections on, the J4L campaign), "Manifesto" (for posts concerning the "programme" of the Labour Left", "SYN" (for posts related to the Socialist Youth Network), "Events" (for upcoming events and LRC/Labour Left meetings).
  • You are of course more than welcome to suggest "tags" and "internal links" of your own, but please do not create any other "label" in addition to those I have stated without telling me in advance - that would make the forum pretty difficult to organise.
  • All on the Labour Left can join this forum, so please don't hesitate to provide me with your e-mail address in any of the "comment" boxes - I will delete once I have invited you to join, so do not worry about privacy.

Now, the general "commenting guidelines":

  • Anyone is welcome to express his opinion, but please stay on topic (or ask me to create a new "tag").
  • Comments posted by Agents-Provocateurs of the Labour-Right will be deleted, if, that is, they are added only for the sake of provocation.
  • At the moment, a "google account" is necessary in order to publish comments. I may change this in the future.

These guidelines have been set up for the benefit of all readers, please stick to them in order for this forum to remain organised, as well as to maintain discussions as relevant, productive, and, of course, Comradely as possible.


Mikael, Labour Left Forum administrator


stroppybird said...

Linked to this site on my blog. Good luck with the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Stroppy, I appreciate that!

C21Soc said...

Excellent Mikael.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, curlew!

Harry Barnes said...

Welcome. Just to say I have now discovered this blog and I am happy for you to use the Ken and Margaret pieces.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Harry!



John Angliss said...

cjelli.svlad@gmail. com


Mike Baldock said...

Don;t know if this is the right thread - perhaps have a general 'suggestions' thread?
But no - that'd be boring!
Anyway, would it be possible to have a button that showed the most recent 30 posts or something?
Unless I'm being really IT crap today - and it's more than possible - there doesn't seem to be a button for this, which makes it really hard to work out what, if anything, has been added to the debates since your last visit>

Anonymous said...


I don't think such a button exist, but if you scroll down, you should be able to see a automatically updated list of the last 10 posts. If you are still unsure, you can always consult one/or several of the many sections located beneath the "subjects discussed on this forum" tag.



Mike Baldock said...

Could we provide a link to the Civil Servant Union PCS at all - they're not affiliated to Labour, but supported McDonnell and he is their lead in Parliament?

John Wiseman said...

As requested Mikael if you want me to blog here

John Wiseman