Friday, 25 May 2007


For the invite to contribute - looking forward to building on the work weve started at J4L.

From the youth perspective SYN (socialist youth network ) will be campaigning for a Real Living Wage and building on the launch of the youth wing of the LRC.

We definitely have not gone away and just keep getting bigger and stronger so any of you under 30's please come along and join up! (anyone under 30 who's already a member of the LRC is automatically a member of SYN so join in!)

We have a SYN exec meeting on the 2nd of June so I'll publish our concrete plans for the campaign after that!

Onwards and upwards comrades.


Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

The link to Michael Clapham's website doesn't work for me...

What organisations are involved in the Real Living Wage campaign so far?

Anonymous said...

Great Marsha! Thanks for accepting the "invite", its great to have someone with such extensive blogging experience with us!

I will set up internal links to different subjects in order to make this blog more "forum-like". Rest assured that I will reserve a "slot" for the question of a "Real Living Wage", which is indeed a key issu for the Labour movement! Thanks again Marsha!


Are you sure??? It appears to be a bit slow, but I just tested it and it does load after a while; try it again to double check - it may just be a temporary connection problem on part of your computer, but, then again, I really am no IT-expert!

Doctor Dunc said...

Hi - is there a limit to the number of contributors? People seem to come and go from the list at the bottom!

el Tom said...

Out of interest, what level is a 'real' living wage set at? £7.05 minimum, I assume?

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan,

The list at the bottom indicates is (for some reason beyond my knowledge) "unlocked", which implies that contributors' names move around, but the list itself has, however, not diminished. In one case, I did remove one account as it had been added twice.

As far as I know, the number of contributors is not restricted to any limit - if anyone is interested, let me know your e-mail address and I will send you an "invite".



Curlew said...

My fault - for confusion - I changed my blogger name from C21Soc to Curlew - it automatically updated the list.

I often wonder what does Google get out of this freebie?

Mike said...


The London Living Wage has just been increased to £7.20/hour. What constitutes a living wage in various parts of the country obviously depends on cost of living and needs to be constantly updated. UNISON South-East has commissioned research from Professor Peter Ambrose of Brighton University with the aim of setting a living wage level for every major town ion the region; hopefully this initiative can be extended.

The best way to start a living wage campaign is simply to ask low-paid workers, on campus or elsewhere, whether or not they can cope. The answer is almost invariably no and workers are usually willing to talk to anyone willing to campaign with them to improve things. This is what we're doing in Oxford, with the support of the Labour Club, though we're at quite an early stage as yet. The aim, of course, is a worker -led campaign.