Friday, 1 June 2007

Conservatives endorse Blairism

The link below is self explanatory and as far as the left is concerned confirms everything we have been saying for years. What people like Brown have to realise is that the majority of voters cant see any difference between the policies of New Labour and Cameron. I frequently get the view expressed on the doorstep that 'all you politicians are all the same'. This is further backed up by the low turn outs at both local and general elections. Labour do little to attract working class voters which benefits ulta right loons such as the BNP.

New Labour's blind obsession with winning the 'centre ground' and keeping in with this mythical middle england idea is a short cut over a cliff for the Labour Party.

This is some of many reasons why Brown is likely to lose us the next election to a hung parliament or a Tory government, a worse prospect.

Still the way things are at the moment is there going to be a difference between the two?

Mind you, help seems to be on hand for Brown. Dave's Part blog identified this yesterday. The New Stateman carried this article in the link below

Blair first raised this idea pre 1997 I believe when he flirted with the inviting Lib Dems into the cabinet (Paddy Ashdown I seem to remember) Blair was preparing for a minority Labour government in 1997 . (How wrong was he!! He completely misread the hatred the electorate had for the Tories!!)

Blair is on record back in the 90s of saying that the formation of the Labour Party was a 'mistake'. His natural home in my view would have been the Liberal Party of old.

The idea of a progressive coalition, maybe including left wing Tories perhaps will be on the cards.

All Brown has to do then is kick the Unions out of the party and the dream comes true!!


Curlew said...

Let's see who starts crossing the house first :-)

Wonder how p*ssed off the dyed-in-the-wool tories are? Blair-Brown stole their party too!

Harry Barnes said...

Although Blair dismisses history as he does not want politics to be sunk in the past and thus pursues a lot of post-modernist non-sense, New Labourism is merely a contempory version of the Lib-Labism which the Keir Hardies struggled against when they saw the need to set up a party of labour. Under the social liberalism of Lloyd George, this tendency was further developed (along with cash for peergages).

To pursue his approach Blair believed in undermining what he saw as the forces conservatism - but he saw these forces as being prominent in the Labour Party - us.
To distinguish his stance from what he felt were old fashioned forces, he called his politics "progressive". It is a code word we should always beware of.

Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

A quote for you all, comrades.

Gordon Brown quoted in Paddy Ashdown's Diaries(!)...

“You have accused us of being a bunch of control freaks. Well in a way that’s what we have to be because we don’t have an identifiable aim which is ideologically based: because there’s no core idea to hold the party together in tough times we have to use discipline instead.”

Source: Ashdown Diaries, Volume 2, 2nd December 1997. (Hat tip: Hywel Morgan)"

Have a good weekend.