Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Last night Tony Woodley was on Newsnight speaking out against private equity companies who are aiming to snap up Ford 's Jaguar and Land Rover operations .Union leaders are now seeking urgent talks with the US-owned car-maker to warn against any takeover by "asset-stripping" private equity buyers. John McDonnell has just tabled a parliamentary EDM motion against the sale of the two marques to a private equity company. Woodley has disappointed many of us in the labour movement by not backing the Left in its bid to challenge the Brownite acceptance of global capitalism and all that goes with it. But nowthe fight must continue.
Jaguar has 10,000 workers in Coventry, Birmingham, and Liverpool, while Land Rover has 9,000 in Solihull, West Mids, Halewood, Merseyside, and Gaydon, Warks.These jobs are now at risk
As John McDonnell said in today's Daily Mirror: "Private equity business have no interest in the workforce and descend like locusts to asset-strip.I'm calling on the Government to intervene to prevent this sale, which could result in huge job losses." Moreinfo :


Mike Baldock said...

I remember Woodley being urged to Support McDonnell at the Labour conference last year, and being very cagey about it - wishing him well but not committing etc.

Guess that cosying up to Brown's going to pay dividends for his members now though - not!

Just the first of many Union Leaders who are going to find themselves and their members betrayed by Brown I fear.

Time for the unions to elect new leaders who will remian strong in the face of bullys and who aren't overcome with the slight whiff of power!

grimupnorth said...

Yes,absolutely.Their cop-out in backing Cruddas will come home to roost next week when the results are announced..
Woodley banged the drum for John @ Labour Conference (I was there too) and gave it large about "no coronation." I was daft enough to be taken in.
Cannot wait for this DL side-show to be over and start proper campaigning again.

Doctor Dunc said...

Did Woodley come out for Brown before there was no contest? Wasn't sure he had. I know it would have been much more useful if they'd publically endorsed John earlier, and may have helped get the nominations (though it may have had the opposite effect - I think if Brown thought John would just a be a left-wing punch-bag for him he'd have allowed the contest; so seeing John getting big union backing would have been even more reason to close one off).
Still, we don't know what would have happened, union-wise, if the contest had happened.

ian said...

I think Woodley would have openly supported McDonnell if he had got the nominations.Ultimately it would have been the TGWU GEC with the power. A point of note is that at the TUC conference last year , after Simpson had openly come out in support of Brown (He said so on Newsnight)Woodley got extremely upset with him.I believe that the issue for Woodley was getting the nominations.
I was extremely dissapointed though that more obvious support was not given to John. I believe a majority on the GEC supported John. I also believe that a mistake was made by not openly endorsing John's campaign. Pressure should have been put on TGWU MPs to nominate.
Still, we have to get over this and move on.


grimupnorth said...

My understanding is that a majority on the GEC supported John. So did Woodley, really.But he wouldn't go the extra mile.
Yes, we have to move on but I also hope lessons will have been learned - there are many harsh ones to come for the union leaders.

Anonymous said...

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