Monday, 16 July 2007


Utterly stressed out after five-hour journey from Llangollen ( third of three trains broke down at Rochdale) so not much coherent thought today. Saw Jose Carreras last night and he was fab....truly in a different League from all the pub singer wannabees who currently hit the headlines. A great experience. Soaked in the Welsh rain and atmosphere and spent some time finishing the second volume of Michael Foot's famous biography of Nye Bevan ( which I picked up in Oxfam the other week) .The trials and tribulations which Bevan suffered at the behest of the right of the Party (almost getting expelled at one point) make for strangely familiar reading. And bit depressing to note that Bevan, who died in 1960 when I was a baby, would I wager still be pretty unimpressed with Party policy , the right-wing bureaucrats and trade union leaders' timidity when challenging the staus quo. Bet he would have loved Carreras , though.....

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