Monday, 6 August 2007

BAA wins injunction

Big business still in control

The annoying thing is that they have banned the local group NOTRAG - which comprises all those people severely affected by the third runway and thus would have the highest support.

Instead of queuing at the check-in - why not enjoy the workshops being held nearby:-


Citizen Andreas said...

I really don't think this is a victory for BAA, it's been pointed out Labourhome that the only group actually banned was Plane Stupid who do have a history of taking direct action.

The other protest groups had no restrictions placed on them and I think BAA had to cover the legal bills for these other groups.

Doesn't really seem like trebles all round for BAA.

Curlew said...

You're right, Andreas. I posted this a little too early and should've updated it. The judge threw out the case for the local group and also for the all-encompassing AirportWatch group.

Great publicity for the Climate Change Camp - but not sure what kind of support this will now attract?