Tuesday, 7 August 2007

To our brothers in Parliament: unionise!

Mike earlier began an excellent thread on how Labour High Command are picking off troublesome backbenchers one by one.

There is only one solution: an agreement between today's backbench 'mavericks' in the name of protecting the diversity of opinion which will lead to future election victories. The oldest left trick in the book: a union.


Doctor Dunc said...

Well I suppose the problem with mavericks is that they tend to be all over the place when there's any need for united action (see the leadership election!)

It has to go beyond parliament. We need a mutual support network between socialists in the constituencies, unions and parliament, ensure left constituencies select left candidates, rally round those people who are already there. Basically, the right have always organised and we've always found it faintly distasteful. But if we continue to feel that way, we're lost.

Gabriel said...

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