Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

No, I don't read the Telegraph, but I picked up this link from a Peak Oil blog.

Pentagon planners have developed a list of up to 2,000 bombing targets in Iran, amid growing fears among serving officers that diplomatic efforts to slow Iran's nuclear weapons programme are doomed to fail.
Pentagon and CIA officers say they believe that the White House has begun a carefully calibrated programme of escalation that could lead to a military showdown with Iran....The intelligence officer said that the US military has "two major contingency plans" for air strikes on Iran. "One is to bomb only the nuclear facilities. The second option is for a much bigger strike that would - over two or three days - hit all of the significant military sites as well. This plan involves more than 2,000 targets."

This guy reminds me of my eighteen month old nephew - once he's knocked over one pile of bricks he looks for another.

Other discussions indicate Bush's fear is over the Straits of Hormuz. The US fears that, in retribution for their invasion of Iraq, other countries in the area will block exports of oil to the US through this route

It's going to happen folks - he's already got the new French foreign minister to rattle sabres in tandem with the US. - Iran scorns French warning of war: BBC News

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