Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Sale is cancelled...

"Potential privatisations worth more than £6bn have stalled or been ruled out by the government because of difficult markets, regulatory concerns or political problems, analysis by the Financial Times has shown."

Apart from the venture capital company, CDC, items in the sale were to include :-
- Urenco, the uranium enrichment company
- the UK Atomic Energy Authority
- the state’s one-third stake in the Atomic Weapons Establishment (who owns the other two thirds?)

"The government’s main cash-raising focus is now on selling land and property, rather than businesses. Gordon Brown, as chancellor, set a goal of raising £30bn between 2004 and 2011 by selling off fixed assets. A further £6bn is due to be raised by selling off student loans, once legislation now going through Parliament allows this."

Selling the family silver is hardly the action of sound financial management and is a Tory trick. Oh sorry - yes, we are a labour government.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Doctor Dunc said...

Brown is a natural privatiser I'm afraid.

Robert said...

Brown and Blair are more Tory then Labour, they had no chance of getting elected through the Tories, so they joined Labour and worked hard to make it another Tory party.