Sunday, 23 March 2008

Cameron to speak at the TUC????

I have just posted this on my blog but thought it worthy of discussion here.

I must admit being not at all surprised that Cameron, forever the opportunist, actually fielding such an idea.
It is insulting to think that a representative of a party that set as its main priority the destruction of the Trade Union movement back in 1979 would even be considered to address TUC conference. While it comments that one third of trade unionists support the Tories it is highly unlikely that these trade unionists are activists who would serve as delegates to TUC conference.The report though should be seen as a warning.

Cameron's march for the so called 'middle ground' which both he and New Labour worship, will see the Tories attempt to mop up the anti Labour mood amongst the Unions.

There are a few suggestions to stop Cameron in his tracks; give public sector workers decent pay; introduce the Trade Union Freedom Bill; stop the privatisation of our public services; build and stop the sale, of council houses and re-nationalise the companies sold off during Thatchers reign of terror. Most of all break this servile relationship the UK has with US foreign policy.

The Unions affiliated to the TUC would rally behind a workers Labour Party committed in this way. Cameron would disappear back into the hole he come from.

My wife has just asked the question; whats the difference between Blair speaking to the TUC and Cameron doing it?

Answers on the back of a postcard please.


Dr. Duncan Hall said...

This all stems back to when Blair said he'd treat the unions as any other pressure group - 'fairness not favours'. It was hard for people to speak out, because to launch a campaign for unfair favours is never popular. But of course, the TUC is not another pressure group - it is an integral part of the labour movement. That's the difference between Blair and Cameron addressing the Congress, by the way, not what they'd say so much, as the political and organisational implication. If the TUC were just another pressure group, then it would be incumbant upon them to have as good relations with the Conservative Party as possible.

Our goal has to be to ensure that the TUC is not just another pressure group; we must fight to preserve the link and also fight to have policies which will encourage unions to stay affiliated.

Renegade Eye said...

I'm not from the UK. My position is, that if it takes 30 years to get rid of the Blair forces in Labor, so be it.

Really good blog.

Robert said...

I think Blair and Brown have proved one think Blind followers of Labour like myself I voted Labour at elections without looking at policies people or anything, I followed my Father grandfather great grandfather. Well these two Blair/Brown have made sure from now on I vote for polices not parties blindly.

I feel right now as a Union member, ex Labour member of 30 odd years, I can now vote Tory if the Tories give me more, perhaps they will not, I'm dam sure Labour will not