Thursday, 8 May 2008

Building Sustainable Communities - amendments

You can read the 'Building Sustainable Communities' document here.

These are my proposed amendments:

Page 17, Line 40.

"We are working with fourteen local authorities to develop
Local Housing Companies which offer new ways of realising our ambitions for a new
generation of social housing"


"We will legislate for direct investment in decent, affordable, secure and accountable council housing, to provide housing needs for that large proportion of people who are unable to get onto the ownership ladder. We will enable local authorities to improve all council homes and start the necessary programme of building new council houses to meet housing need (allowing councils to ring-fence rents and capital for investment in housing stock). In this way we will ensure respect for tenants' choice, stimulate the economy, enable democratically elected local authorities to get on with their job and meet our 2005 election manifesto commitment to ensure that all social tenants benefit from a decent warm home with modern facilities by 2010."

Page 17, Line 44



Page 10, Line 13


"We will bring the railways back into public ownership."

Back with more soon!


Curlew said...

Please get them to strike this out :-

"At the global level we are leading the way in pressing for aviation to be included in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme as soon as
possible. This will cap emissions from the aviation sector, so that any increase in emissions must be fully offset by requiring airlines to pay for equivalent emissions reductions from elsewhere."

This effectively means that as long as airlines pay up they can pollute those that live near airports ad infinitum.

Duncan Hall said...

What I'll probably do (when I've a moment) is incorporate suggestions and comments into the original post so we've got all proposed amendments for each policy document on the same blog post.

Will do this one later.

Robert said...

I'm reading it, sadly it's not matching up with the white paper.

Remploy in my area have in fact mostly all closed after Peter Hain lied to us.

Also you do not need to be off work to get Disability living allowance many people might become ill in work and then Claim DLA, although in the whole these days it more likely your turned down. but I will get back to you

Duncan Hall said...

Thanks Robert. If you could suggest what you think we should put forward in that section I can mess around with the wording, etc.

Duncan Hall said...

There's a load of proposed amendments on council housing from 'Defend Council Housing' which I think we should use rather than my ham-fisted attempt! I shall post up here and recommend you send out widely.

Our meeting is tomorrow and will try and get as many passed as possible. We don't have very long on this folks.