Monday, 12 May 2008

LEAP Conference - Sat. 24th May

On Saturday 24th May, LEAP will be hosting its first conference ‘Beyond the Market Economy – socialist solutions to the economic crisis’. This is the Left Economic Advisory Panel, a group launched by the LRC, that has very successfully looked at how to fund socialist policies for several years now.

There will be platform speeches from John McDonnell MP and Tony Benn - and their experience in socialist economic policy (John from his days at the GLC and Tony from his days in the Cabinet) will be of enormous value - but the real point of the conference is the participation of party members. There will be four sub-plenaries on housing, global finance, social ownership and workers’ rights: hugely important issues for all socialists at this point of time and very relevant to many of the discussions that we've been having on Labour Left Forum.

You can find more details, and register online at at the LRC website.

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Robert said...

I have my ticket it came to day, sadly after looking at it, and New Labour I've decided I would be wasting money I can ill afford.

The cost of the cheapest train for me would be £198 return thats three weeks benefits for me.

And to be honest I've left Labour and will more then likely leave the other groups I've joined over the years.

It's a really sad time to be Labour.