Friday, 16 May 2008

Partnership in Power - some amendments from the experts!

Thanks to Mike Ion for posting Comprehensive Future's proposed amendments to the EDUCATION AND SKILLS document, on Labourhome.

They are:

Page 9

There are two alternative amendments we suggest - both for line 47 following 'Code' They are - We now intend to go further and ensure no child has to face selective entry tests for secondary education (except banding) by ending selection on ability and aptitude.


However many English children continue to face overt selective entry tests on ability and aptitude in order to transfer to secondary education. We intend to commission a wide ranging study on how this affects children, families, schools and educational attainment.

I recommend trying to get the first one passed (I'd be tempted to lose the 'except banding' bit...) and go for the second one if necessary.

Please also use the Defend Council Housing amendments (even though there are hundreds of them!) in preference to my earlier attempt. I know it's virtually impossible to read them at the top, so try here for a Word document, or here for pdf.

If you submit amendments based on those of Defend Council Housing, can you let them know here?


Duncan Hall said...

We had the full range of amendments (with a few suggested additions) agreed at the CLP last night. (I've started some 'amendment trackers' at Labourhome so that we can see what happens to them now...)

Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Duncan

Have you seen my Saving the Labour Party blog with the link to CommentonThis formets for the policy docs on membersNet?

Duncan Hall said...

Hi Peter - just read about that. I'll make sure anything we've submitted is included on STLP blog too, to help us all track all of this.