Wednesday, 7 May 2008

"Partnership in Power" - time for action

You can now access the policy consultation documents from Membersnet, here.

You will need to log in. I'm looking into how easy it might be for me to direct-link to the documents from here, as it's important that members of affiliated unions who aren't party members can access the documents.

They are, at present, the worst kind of woolly nonsense, characterised by imprecision and vagueness.

We need to make a concerted effort with proposed amendments. John McDonnell's May Manifesto is a good starting point. I shall try and work out what should go where (in terms of which document) over the next few days. Then as soon as your branch or CLP sends in an amendment, could you post it as a comment here too, that way we can follow what's been said and by whom?

You will, of course, need to ensure that you have a meeting in time to make the submissions before 20 June. There are guidelines on Membersnet about how to make the submissions (they should be specific amendments, i.e. page 20 line 6 remove 'compulsory homework for pensioners' and replace with 'nationalise the banks', etc.)

Okay I'm going to be adding links to the documents from here too (it might take a while to get them up). This first one is on Crime, Citizenship and Equalities, and includes anything on constitutional reform, etc. as well as some of the human rights-related proposals (e.g. ID cards, etc.) This is here?

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Robert said...

I would not bother I took a look, most people would read and say , another bunch of stupidity by a government and a leader who have no idea how serious dejected party members and ex members feel. Labour are a carbon copy of the Thatcher government with a bit of Labour thrown in, the min wage Brown uses like a blunt sword, if he was real about the min wage it would be high enough to take people out of needing rent and council tax rebates. £5.25 is now seen by companies as a bench mark in rubbish money, anyone who thinks talking home £175 a week a real wage better get real