Thursday, 8 May 2008

Prosperity and Work: Proposed amendments

You can read the 'Prosperity and Work' policy document here.

My proposed amendments:

Page 13 Line 39.


"We will reinstate the exemption for people with severe disabilities to continue to receive the higher rate Disability Living Allowance so that they can pay for their care."

(Robert - could you check this and re-word if you think necessary. Also there is stuff in there about Remploy, etc. which I feel could be effectively amended, but I'd prefer someone who had look at this in more detail to recommend the wordings. I will amend this section of the post accordingly in the near future).

Page 21, Line 43


"We will introduce a Trade Union Freedom Bill which will make provision for the law relating to the rights and freedoms of workers and of trade unions, the regulation of relations between employers and workers, protection of employment in lawful industrial action, and remedies
in trade disputes to bring Trade Union rights in the UK in line with those in other modern democracies."

Page 22, Line 7


"The government will continue to work to seek an agreement in Europe on an agency workers
directive that offers appropriate protections while maintaining the flexibility of the UK labour market which has helped deliver record employment in recent years."


"The government will introduce a Temporary and Agency Workers' Bill
to provide for the protection of temporary and agency workers and to promote the rights and enforce the principle of equal treatment of temporary and agency workers."

(Again with these sections - experts in the field please sort out my wording - this stuff comes more-or-less from the bills).


Curlew said...

I'm no good at wording these comments - but the section on lone-parenting is a recipe for disaster. Single mums/dads are expected to start FULL-TIME work as soon as the children are in primary school - with Labour encouraging the provision of "wrap-around" child care. This should be changed to read that the govt will encourage/incentivise employers to provide more PART-TIME jobs.

No-one can expect a single parent to flog away at a full time job and successfully raise a family alone - it's all bollocks.

Curlew said...

I see the restoration of the link to earnings for pensions is in place (with some worrying codicils). Employers are now forced to contribute (I thought they always were?) but nothing to control the finance houses and to ensure they are more TRANSPARENT in their accounting to the pension holder.

The bit at the beginning makes me think that GB is a short-term thinker in view of China & India. I think he thinks that using the low carbon taxation system will hold China back from being the No 1 in the next few years. In my view he has underestimated this and it will trip him up big time.

He wants to increase high tech factory jobs (I thought these jobs went to robots) - what does he mean in that section?

Duncan Hall said...

Okay, shall we try and put something together on single parents and get rid of all the caveats around restoring the earnings link for pensions?

Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...


Have you seen the stuff (should be on the LRC website now) about copying the LRC into any submissions? We should make sure that sympathetic NPF members know of your submissions and support them.

Duncan Hall said...

Good idea, JJJ. Do we know who the sympathetic NPF members are?

We will obviously share any info/details with the LRC.

Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

This is a bit out of date but the basic advice there about bcc'ing the LRC is the key bit I think. National office should forward to our sympathetic NPF people.

Not sure who they are but I think Christine Shawcroft is on the NPF.