Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Two important jobs!

Hi all,

Two important jobs for us to do. The first is to sign John McDonnell's petition for a new, socialist manifesto:

John McDonnell MP launches 2008 May Manifesto Petition
In the light of Labour's election defeat last week, John McDonnell MP is circulating a manifesto petition to Labour Party members, trade unions and MPs to gain large scale rank and file support for a new policy programme for Labour to bring about a radical change in political direction for the Laboour Government.

John McDonnell MP said:

"After the serious rejection of New Labour at the polls last week assurances that the Government is listening are simply not going to be enough to restore any sense of belief in the Labour Party. What is needed is a radical change of political direction.

"We have to demonstrate that change by introducing a new policy programme that specifically and very concretely addreses peoples' concerns raised on the doorstep. This May manifesto petition is launched so that all our supporters can have a say in pressing for the changes we need."

We believe that Labour can win back the support of our people by adopting a new 2008 May Manifesto, which should include:
Nailing the 10p tax mistake by the introduction of a fair tax system removing the low paid from taxation and ensuring the wealthiest and corporations pay their fair share
An increase in the basic state pension, immediately restoring the link with earnings, lifting people off means tested benefits and providing free care for the elderly
An immediate start on a large scale council house building programme and assistance for those facing repossession
Immediate end to programme of local Post Office closures and liberalisation of postal services
An end to the privatisation of our public services
A new pay deal for public sector workers to protect their living standards and tackle low pay
Abolishing tuition fees and restoring maintenance grants for all students
Scrapping ID cards
Introduction of a trade union freedom bill and measures to protect temporary and agency workers
Rejecting the proposals to renew Trident


To sign it, send an email to the LRC with 'petition' in the subject heading and with you name and CLP/Trade Union. Go for it, folks!


Get along to Labourhome and contribute to their survey of Labour grassroots.

Together we can save the government, and save it as a socially-progressive government worth saving!


Robert said...

It is sad that New Labour and old Labour believe that all the sick and all the disabled are either frauds or are sub human.

I will need to look for a new party so will the other 10 million, seems Old Labour new Labour somehow have forgotten Nye Bevan's ideals.

susan said...

Duncan, exactly how can we save the Government when it's hell-bent on destruction. Only way to go is to force Brown out and then maybe salvage what we can before election....these people aren't worth saving....

Duncan Hall said...

We need to save the government - i.e. keep Labour in government. The question of Gordon Brown's leadership is, I think, a different one. Changing policies is the important point. Whether that can happen without a change of leadership is something that is still to be seen.

Robert said...

NO I think the people can see the difference between Labour and the Tory party, if you drop all the social issues that makes Labour Labour, then whats the reason to stay, I mean yesterday I actually heard a Labour MP say the war in Iraq has now become a lower issue in peoples minds, ask the parents of the dead and injured soldiers. Yesterday it was said Labour has the worse record on social house building then any other government since the war. Six months ago a report stated social state benefits have risen slower under Labour, we are now £30 behind where we would have been under Thatcher, thats shocking.

People keep saying to me do you want a Thatcherite government back, why did we ever change from one.

I think the idea that some how Labour can tell people it's OK your bins will not be charged for anymore, they have always been charged for it's called the council tax which has doubled under Labour and yet the service has dropped.

Today a new idea of using lie detectors in council offices.

I think it's enough for people to ask where the hell Labour going.