Monday, 28 July 2008

When a Capitalist speaks more sense than New Labour

Dont know if anyone read this article in the Observer on Sunday. I suppose articles like this would slip under the radar after the kind of week most Labour activists have had. Firstly we had the Glasgow East disaster and then the missed oppurtunity for Labour to reconnect at the Warwick NPF.

Now I am not one to talk up a member of the establishment especially the Building Industry establishment. This Industry has been blighted with poor health and safety, bogus self employment and the use of poorly paid migrant labour.

Mr Snook , in the article, does though speak alot of sense. I find it unsurprising to be honest that a pro capitalist Labour Party will listen to every rich spiv under the sun yet when one talks intelligently about current issues, for example, in the Building Trade, New Labour walk the other way.
The points I find interesting is Snooks view on property ownership (from someone who knows), his view on the current problems on building sites and how many building companies cut corners.

He sounds, dare I say it, like a decent employer. Makes you think doesnt it.

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