Friday, 25 July 2008

Workfare - A Quick Note

The more desperate the government gets, the more it appears to be striking out at random in the faint hope of one day hitting the jackpot with a policy that people support. Maybe the focus groups are beginning to become unfocussed. The new "workfare" policy looks like a classic example - aimed squarely at the tabloids, completely bereft of ideology or any political grounding other than a vindictive Little Englander mentality.

Either way, if the monumental climax of over a hundred years of British Labour Party history is the re-introduction of the Poor Laws, you can count this blog out.

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Duncan Hall said...

The welfare reform proposals are dreadful and it appears they have been embraced in full at the NPF, including by the unions. Presumably there has been some policy horse-trading going on, but it is simply not good enough.

Partnership in Power is a fraud, and has been exposed as such. There is no partnership, only power, and that won't last long either, unless there's a massive change in direction. Increasingly, I fear, that will have to include a change of personnel. I thought the personnel questions was a distraction, but it's clear the current bunch aren't on the same volume as us, let alone the same page.