Friday, 28 November 2008

Labourhome editor being sued

Labourhome editor, Alex Hilton, is being sued over the content of an article published on Labourhome (written by another user) which was immediately pulled after a complaint was raised, and a right of reply was offered and declined.

It is important to try and maintain forums like Labourhome and keep them as open and free as possible, and this sort of action threatens that. As such I'm providing this link to Alex's Labourhome article about this, where he asks for assistance with the excessive legal costs.

I know this is unlikely to be a time when many of us have free cash to hand around - and if we did this might not be our number one priority, but if you can help out - or publicise the link - please do. Whatever you might think of Labourhome, or Alex's personal political position within the party, this is the sort of case that can really damage open debate on the broad left of the blogosphere.

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Robert said...

I do not have much money but I suspect I can send a tenner I know it's not much. Freedom of speech is something we must allow to go on.